Track Hookups

The following track hookups show detailed information for many popular railroad operations using RR Concepts model train controllers.

These hookups use out-of-the-box, unmodified trains. (or DCC trains set to linear mode)

Current product manuals, instructions, and hookup diagrams for legacy systems are available here:

See some Videos at the RR Concepts YouTube Channel:

Have fun!


Block Control

Running two or more trains on one track.

YardMaster hookup

StationMaster hookup with deceleration/acceleration

StationMaster 3 train hookup with deceleration/acceleration


Station Stops

Station Stops can be with realistic decelerations and accelerations, or abrupt. All station stops have a programmable time delay and can also be programmed to count laps before stopping.

Abrupt Station Stop, AC or DC trains using sensors.

Abrupt Station Stop, DC trains, NO sensors.

Realistic Deceleration + Acceleration Station Stop using Sensors

Realistic Deceleration + Acceleration Station Stop, NO Sensors


Turnout Control

Smart Switch using a YardMaster

Reversing switchbacks for climbing a mountain.

Reversing Loops

One Train Reversing Loops using a YardMaster and powered turnouts


Two Train Reversing Loops

Two Train Reversing Loops with a passing siding.

Two Train Reversing Loops with a passing siding.

A very realistic railroading operation that allows two trains to run simultaneously between reversing loops. One train will pass the other at the siding.


Quick Alternating Trains

Alternating between 2 Trains at a 2 track Siding.

Alternating Trains with Deceleration and Pause

The most popular and easiest way to run multiple trains on your layout in a very realistic manner.

  Alternating 2 Trains at a 2 track siding.

  Alternating 2 Trains at a 2 track siding, Trains traveling in opposite directions, SPRING RETURN turnouts.

  Alternating 2 Trains at a 2 track siding, Trains traveling in opposite directions, POWERED turnouts.

  Alternating 2 Trains on 2 separate sidings, Traveling Opposite Directions.

  Alternating 3 Trains on a 3 track siding.

  Alternating 4 trains on a 4 track siding.

  Alternating 2 Trains at a 2 track siding with a 3rd train on the main line.

  Alternating 3 Trains with a pass thru main line.

Station Stops using Battery Power

  Install a StationMaster in the battery car with a decelerate sensor attached to the bottom of the car for hands-off automatic control until the batteries run out.
Every magnet on the track will perform a station stop. 

Signal Light Control

Automatically Controlling RED/GREEN signal lights

An easy way to make your signal lights change colors depending upon the locations of trains with realistic random flashing operations. 

Point-to-point back and forth REVERSING

Hands-off, self-adjusting, Smooth Reversing with diodes (No sensors) This is the best one!

Smooth Reversing with in-between station stops

Smooth Reversing with a siding on one end. (One train takes a different path each time.)

Smooth Reversing with a siding on one end. (Two trains alternate using sensors)

Smooth Reversing with a Siding on one end. (Two trains alternate with NO sensors)

Smooth Reversing with Two sidings on one end. (Three trains alternate)

Smooth Reversing with a turn-around loop on one end.

Smooth 3 trains reversing with sidings on each end:

Zig-zag reversing switchbacks.

Abrupt Reversing hookup diagram

Smooth Reversing using sensors - with or without in-between stops

Two Train Leap-Frog Passing Siding

Authentic Two Train Leap Frog Siding.

One train will pass by the other at the siding, and then the waiting train will follow the passing train after the first train has traveled some distance.

Alternating Between Separate Tracks

Alernate running on two separate loops of track.

Reversing 2 trains, one running at a time, exchanging in the center.

Realistic Main Line Siding

Train runs on the main line for a few laps, then pulls into a siding.

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