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What it is

The StationMaster SHUTTLE is an accelerating/decelerating back-and-forth reversing unit which is a complete hands-off reverser. The SHUTTLE will sense the ends of the track and self-adjust to provide a very realisitic slow down and then creep to a stop.

The SHUTTLE runs on the StationMaster-6 hardware platform. All StationMaster units are available in a 5 AMP or 10 AMP configuration, and can control standard DC trains right out of the box. DCC trains can be controlled when set for DC mode by setting CV29 bit 2. And sometimes they just work without doing anything at all.

In addition to fully automatic mode, the SHUTTLE can also be run in manual mode which allows full control over the reversing operation. In-between station stops are also possible in both automatic and manual modes.

How to hook it up

The hookup is here: Point-To-Point Automatic Reversing.

Hookup and operating Instructions are:

1.) Attach 2 wires from your transformer to the SHUTTLE.

2.) Attach 2 wires from the SHUTTLE to the track.

3.) Attach diodes to the ends where the train will stop.

4.) Place the train on the track and power up. The SHUTTLE will do the rest.

There are no engine modifications or sensors. Your train will slow-down, creep into the ends, pause, and then accelerate out in the other direction.

Click here to download the StationMaster SHUTTLE Manual (PDF)

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